I think I am too old to go to YAC… What is the age range?

YAC is attended by adults over the age of 21. The typical age range tends to fall between late 20’s to late 30’s though we often have several conferees older than that. Though YAC is loosely tailored towards adults somewhere between college and middle age, we think that age defines the conference less than the desire to bring and share one’s personal experience of adulthood.

I want to come to YAC, but for dates other than the 7-nights and 4-nights offered. What do I do?

There are three things to do in this case:

  1. On the YAC registration page, select the Conference Overnight Guest option and register, entering the dates you would like to attend YAC
  2. Use the Star Island 2017 Boat Schedule, to see available boat options. The  registrar will be in touch with you to confirm boat options and availability and to make sure you are all set for transportation
  3. The programming fee for YAC is $25 per person, per night. You can pay this fee by check or Paypal to the treasurer in advance of the conference

What are the Conference Overnight Guest rates for YAC 2017?

Here are the per-person rates for Star Island Room & Board, Off-Season Conferences. In addition to room and board, add $25 per person, per night for the YAC programming fee (which is paid with registration, or directly to the YAC treasurer).

YAC 2017 rates Standard Shared Standard Single Motel Shared Motel Single
1 night $175 $230 $207 $307
2 nights $313 $412 $382 $536
3 nights $424 $556 $517 $734
4 nights $534 $704 $647 $927
5 nights $647 $857 $787 $1,129
6 nights $750 $997 $914 $1,324
7 nights $859 $1,140 $1,050 $1,522

I’m bringing a baby to YAC- what information do you need to know?

Here are some suggested items to bring:

  • Baby monitor
  • Bedding – Star Island can provide a Graco Pack ‘N Play (mention this in room requests when registering) and a sheet, but suggested to bring your own bedding
  • Ergo (or other) baby carrier – very important, even for slightly older children, for carrying them around the island. If you bring a stroller, make it one with an umbrella (only used to lull your baby to sleep on the porch, as walking the island with a stroller won’t really happen)
  • Diapers – there are diaper genies in a few spots
  • Baby wipes! For washing, there is a sink/tub on the Oceanic 2nd floor
  • Extra clothes (even more than you’re bringing for yourself) due to limited laundry (unless you find a nice Pel). You can also wash items in the sink and hang them to dry along the clotheslines in front of YPRU, Sprague and Baker (aka area you get clothespins from)
  • Mini baby/kids medical supply kit – tylenol/ibuprofen/etc., and a thermometer
  • Sunscreen!
  • Bottles and sippy cups – the Pels will wash them for you after each meal as needed
  • Food/formula – there is a mini fridge on the Oceanic 2nd floor
  • A banquet outfit
  • Cash for the Pels in case you want some extra babysitting (YAC is a limited-services conference, therefore individual arrangements will need to be arranged for babysitting services)

I want to bring so many things to YAC!! What are the luggage restrictions?

Think more bags, less weight. Limit the weight of bags to 25 pounds or less, and try to use duffel or soft-sided bags instead of hard suitcases or anything with wheels. There is not a limit on the number of bags that you bring, however, keep in mind that we will need to carry our luggage on and off of the boat. So pack when you are comfortable carrying, or asking your conference friend to help you carry.