March 2017 Newsletter

I am writing on this cold March evening to let you know that it’s time to start thinking about Star Island YAC 2017! And since there is a lot to talk about I am going to break this email down into digestible bits in case you are in the middle of dinner or something…


YAC Registration is now officially  open now through June 1. The full week of YAC will be Saturday June 10 to Saturday, June 17. Our four-day option is from Tuesday, June 13 to Saturday, June 17. You can also take part as a Conference Overnight Guest for other dates during the week that work for you (subject to boat schedules, of course). Need a reason to register sooner rather than later? If done before April 1 you will be entered into a raffle for free room and board (here’s how it works).

Also, Star Island and YAC financial aid applications are due the first week in May; register before then to be eligible. If you have questions on overnight guest rates, boat schedules, discounts or whether room may be haunted, please reach out to our registrar, Mary Light, at or 610-653-6120.


This year’s theme, “Deep Dive—Exploring Life in a Time of Transition”, will promote curiosity and inquiry through discussions, workshops, seminars, special guests and Worship services that experiment with tradition and innovation. We will have the opportunity to feel wonderment, joy, sorrow, fatigue, passion and spiritual growth. We will seek to establish ourselves and define our world view, communicate our ideas and live by our principles. Young adulthood is a transition period of great opportunity: a time to share experience; learn from one another; create and destroy; debate and reflect; laugh and cry and be your true self. YAC explores this life in transition. 


I would like to officially ask whether you are (or may be) interested in assisting with programming and/or joining the YAC staff. Maybe you have a week-long or one-shot workshop idea that speaks to or reflects this theme? Let me know! Perhaps you have an idea for a workshop or activity that is totally unrelated—that is very exciting; tell me more! You want to plan an evening activity or co-lead a worship service? Let’s make it happen! Do you have an interest in contributing to the Art and Design of merchandise and outreach materials? Be in touch very soon! I am excited to hear from you; email me with your plans and ideas and schemes! 


If you use Facebook please consider joining the Star Island YAC  group (maybe add a few friends who might be interested). All important information will always be emailed to you, but it’s a fun place to connect and share with members of the YAC community. You can also follow YAC on Instagram @bigyacattack for fun photos from past years! 


You will see a broader outreach email very soon which will have more general info about the conference. Please make sure you take the time to read it and pass it along to people who may never have heard of YAC or Star Island and would be interested in attending. I will update the website soon to reflect this year’s conference details as well so keep an eye on

Looking forward to every minute of it!


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