YAC is the Yearly Adults Conference on Star Island.  We welcome people in the first decades of adult independence to come together and share the experience of being part of this very special community. At this stage of our lives, many of us find we are on new, different or unexpected paths. We are an intentional community and we invite you to join us this year to connect, reflect, and rejuvenate.

As a conferee-driven conference, we encourage you to share your talents, ideas, hobbies, and passions in spontaneous workshops (in addition to our planned programming) throughout the week. Some of which in the past include: A kimchi-making workshop, a group nap on the lawn in the sunshine, rousing games of the popular Irish sport hurling, yoga, religious and philosophical discussions over coffee on the porch, a formal whiskey tasting event, “billy-goat” walks around the island, and plenty more.

You will get from this conference exactly what you put into it; whether you’re catching up on the simple things that slip away in your hectic mainland life, like reading a book or straight chillin’ on the lawn, eating 12 grilled cheeses at lunch just because you can, or cutting loose on the dance floor like its 1999 again. At YAC we support your involvement, we support your individuality, and we invite you to take time to experience our community and the island on a personal level.

This year we are on Star Island from June 14-21.  Whichever combination of days you come for, the full week, four days or one night, you are part of a community that operates year round (because the memories don’t fade, and we give you everyone’s contact information).

This is the website of YAC and not an official Star Island website.  The official Star Island website is www.starisland.org.