The Yearly Adults Conference is a weeklong (with shorter stay options) Unitarian Universalist based retreat for adults 22 and older.  The conference is held on Star Island, located within the Isles of Shoals off the coast of Portsmouth, NH.

YAC is way to start your summer! YAC conferees are people who come together to revel in a community of like-minded souls. We challenge each other to maximize the creations, the conversations, the realizations and the relaxations that can be achieved during our precious time on the island and carried on throughout the year.  Conferee run workshops offer the opportunity to share your knowledge/talent/obsession or discover a new one.  At night kick back and cut loose. There will also be time for the quieter joys that make Star a spiritual place, like candlelit chapel services and reflective moments lit by beautiful Star Island sunsets.

Whether you’re a YRUU grad, worked as a Pel, or just looking for a Star Island experience like no other, YAC is the place for you. Join us as we forge new bonds, reconnect with old friends and be a part of a growing collective/family/(dare we say) movement.

We welcome children ages 6 and under to our conference and while we enjoy having parents and their kids at YAC, we don’t offer specific programming for children.  For more information, please contact Ethan Kolek at ekolek@amherst.edu .

For more information visit: www.starisland.org.
Are you 22 or younger? If so, you should go to the Star Island YES (Formerly YRUU) Conference.
It’s a blast of a conference!
Are you looking for a family conference? If so, you should go to the Star Island website, and check out the other conference options.