April Newsletter

Hello Beautiful YAC folks,


The weather is warming, the sun is shining, and it’s time to start talking about YAC 2016!


This year’s theme is Get Weird. We will explore this theme through discussions and workshops which will invite us to delve deeply into unfamiliar concepts and experiences, expanding our mental and spiritual boundaries in order to deepen our understanding of ourselves and each other We’ll be joined by Leon Dunkley as our Minister of the Week to help us tend to our spiritual selves as we enjoy all the sun, love, and laughter that Star has to offer.


The full week of YAC will be Saturday June 11 to Saturday, June 18. Our four-day option is from Tuesday, June 14 to Saturday, June 18. You can also take part as a Conference Overnight Guest for other dates during the week that work for you (subject to boat schedules, of course). You can find more information about all of this at


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Ashley Collins and I will be your Chair this year! You can email me ( with any and all YAC-related questions, or just to say hi! Francesca Van Der Maelen is your Registrar, and can be reached at for any information you need about registration and scheduling. We’ll be joined by Mary Light as our Programming Coordinator and Rachele Rouquié as our Treasurer/Secretary. Mary would love to hear your ideas for activities and workshops ( and Rachele ( can answer any questions you may have about scholarships, YAC merchandise, and really just about anything because she’s great like that. We are all so very excited to work for you and with you to make this summer’s conference the best YAC ever!


Are you getting excited yet? Why not register today? Conference Registration is now open here! All deposits are fully refundable until May 14th, so don’t be shy!


Excited but worried about your financials? You can apply for a YAC Scholarship! You should also visit Star Island’s Financial Aid and Discounts pages for more information about how the Island will help pay your way! With a little planning, YAC can be affordable for anyone and we would love to help you if you need any guidance.


If you’re on Facebook you should also consider joining the Star Island YAC  group (or even add a few friends who might be interested). Any important information will always be emailed to you, but it’s a fun place to connect and share with all your favorite folks until we can be together again! You can also follow our brand spanking new Instagram @bigyacattack for fun photos from past years!


Stay tuned for more updates and news very soon!

Affectionately Yours,

YAC Staff 2016


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